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  • NEW Product Launch - Custom Peptide Array Synthesis Services

    Peptide arrays are powerful tools for the investigation of protein-protein and drug-protein interactions. Screening peptides for potentially active compounds with peptide arrays is a very convenient method for basic and applied research such as drug development. We describe here some of the principles and applications of peptide macroarrays. Read more »

  • TETRAS Peptide Synthesizer

    peptides&elephants exclusively distributes the novel TETRAS Peptide Synthesizer of Advanced ChemTech in Europe. Read more »


We serve Peptides - for your perfect satisfaction with quality, price and support.
Our major PEP-LIPS products are high parallel customized peptide libraries and peptide pools.

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Custom Peptide Synthesis

We synthesize custom made peptides.


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Tetras Peptides-Synthesizer

The only asynchronous multiple peptide instrument.


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