Custom Peptide Synthesis
We synthesize custom made peptides.

Peptides can have

  • Modifications like acetylation, methylation, phosphorylation etc.
  • Labeling, for example Biotin, DOTA, fluorescent dyes like: FITC, TAMRA etc.
  • Non-natural amino acids, D- amino acids, N-methyl amino acids,
  • PEGs
  • Cyclization via disulfide bridges, Head to tail cyclization, side chain cyclization
Quality control: HPLC-MS-Analysis, p&e certificate
lyophilized, overnight express
Time of delivery: for a standard peptide 2-3 weeks

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We serve Peptides - for your perfect satisfaction with quality, price and support.
Our major PEP-LIPS products are high parallel customized peptide libraries and peptide pools.

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Custom Peptide Synthesis

We synthesize custom made peptides


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