Ultra Sonic Peptide Synthesis®

In the last 4 years, p&e have developed the use of ultrasound for solid phase peptide synthesis.
The first fully automated process was set up last year. In MTP format, 96 peptides are produced with full cycle times of a few minutes.

Ultra Sonic Peptide Synthesis

At full capacity USPS® needs 8 minutes per 15AA long peptide.Crude purities of up to 92.2 % are achieved in a parallel ACP test synthesis.

Physical fundamentals

Cavitation: USPS® induces Cavitation by controlled ultrasound frequencies this leads to the collapse of gas bubbles (cavities) in the liquid.
The collapse generates local shock waves or jet streams  that induces high local energy and super fast reaction mixing.

Ultra Sonic Peptide Synthesis Cavitation

Image of a cavitating jet in air, HitosHi Soyama,
Int. Journ. of Peening Science and Technology, Vol. 1, pp. 3–60 


"Peptides & elephants philosophy is that technology
and science are inextricably linked."


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