HUMAN (CT45A1) Peptide Pool

HUMAN (CT45A1) Peptide Pool
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  • LB01672
Pool of 45 peptides derived from a peptide scan (15mers with 11 aa overlap) through ancer/testis... more
Product information "HUMAN (CT45A1) Peptide Pool"
Pool of 45 peptides derived from a peptide scan (15mers with 11 aa overlap) through ancer/testis antigen family 45 member A1 (Uniprot ID: Q5HYN5) of Homo sapiens (Human) for T cell assays.

No Peptides:45 peptides
Amount Peptide:25 µg
Amount Aliquote:1,1 mg
Uniprot Id:Q5HYN5
Solubility:Dissolve in a minimum amount of pure DMSO (approx. 40μl) and dilute with water to the desired concentration. Please pay attention that the final concentration of DMSO must be below 1% (v/v) to avoid toxicity in the biological
Storage:Store at -20°C
Delivery:2-3 days
Purity:Each peptide ESI-MS checked, pool is purified by solid phase extraction
Counter Ion:TFA
Protein:Cancer/testis antigen family 45 member A1
Species:Homo sapiens
Application :T-cell assays, Immune monitoring, Antigen specific T-cell stimulation, T-cell expansion, Cellular immune response
Indication :Infection, Control, Cancer, TORCH, Infectious mononucleosis, CMV hepatitis, Retinitis, Colitis, Pneumonitis, Esophagitis, AIDS, Cancer chemotherapy, Transplantation
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