HCMV pp65 417 – 426 (HLA-B*07:02)

HCMV pp65 417 – 426 (HLA-B*07:02)
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  • EP01897_1
Antigen Peptide CMV pp65 - HLA-B*07:02 (TPRVTGGGAM) for stimulation of antigen-specific T cells... more
Product information "HCMV pp65 417 – 426 (HLA-B*07:02)"
Antigen Peptide CMV pp65 - HLA-B*07:02 (TPRVTGGGAM) for stimulation of antigen-specific T cells in T cell assays such as ELISPOT, ICS, cytotoxity or proliferation assays. CMV pp65 (415-429) (HLA-B7) is a CEF control peptide that is derived from the Cytomegalovirus (CMV). CMV is capable of infecting a wide range of human cell types, where the body’s primary immune response to CMV is innate, and relies on inflammatory cytokines and costimulatory molecules in order to control the spread of the virus. CMV pp65 (415-429) (HLA-B7) is defined as a CEF control peptide due to its antigenic properties. Clinically, these peptides are suitable epitopes for CD8+ T cells and can be used to stimulate the release of IFNg. HLA-B7 refers to the cell HLA type that this peptide acts on.

Delivery: 3 weeks
Amount:1 mg
Counter Ion:TFA
Protein:65 kDa phosphoprotein
Application :T-cell assays, Immune monitoring, Antigen specific T-cell stimulation, T-cell expansion, Cellular immune response
Indication :Infection, Control, Cancer, TORCH, Infectious mononucleosis, CMV hepatitis, Retinitis, Colitis, Pneumonitis, Esophagitis, AIDS, Cancer chemotherapy, Transplantation
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