SIVmag Gag 19-27 (Mamu-A*01)

SIVmag Gag 19-27 (Mamu-A*01)
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  • EP07887_1
MHC I-Strep Mamu-A*01; SIVmag Gag (181-189)  (CTPYDINQM) is a recombinantly expressed... more
Product information "SIVmag Gag 19-27 (Mamu-A*01)"

MHC I-Strep Mamu-A*01; SIVmag Gag(181-189) (CTPYDINQM) is a recombinantly expressed MHC class I molecule that presents a peptide from a simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) group-specific antigen.

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Delivery: 3 weeks
Amount:1 mg
Counter Ion:TFA
Species:Simianes Immundefizienz-Virus
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