Cecropin A (1-7)-Melittin A (2-9)

Cecropin A (1-7)-Melittin A (2-9)
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Cecropin A (1-7)-Melittin A (2-9) amide, also referred to as CAMEL0, is a synthetic hybrid... more
Product information "Cecropin A (1-7)-Melittin A (2-9)"
Cecropin A (1-7)-Melittin A (2-9) amide, also referred to as CAMEL0, is a synthetic hybrid peptide that is composed of portions of the naturally occurring antibiotic peptide cecropin A and melittin. CAMEL0 shows a better antimicrobial activity than the native molecules, but lacks the hemolytic properties of melittin. Studies revealed that the range of its antimicrobial activity is not only restricted to aerobic microorganisms but also included several gram-negative and gram-positive anaerobic microorganisms. Through its ascertained broad spectrum of antibiotic activity, this hybrid peptide may also represent an effective substitute for ciprofloxacin in the treatment of anthrax infections. KWKLFKKIGAVLKVL obtained by combining residues 1-7 of cecropin and residues 2-9 of melittin, it is an antimicrobial peptide

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