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Libraries of individual peptides

Peptide Libraries – Versatile Tools for the proteomic age

Synthetic peptides are able to influence a wide variety of biochemical, immunological and cellular reactions. They may act as inhibitors of protein-protein interactions, interfere with antibody binding to antigens and they may be substrates or inhibitors of proteases. Likewise, peptides are suited to mimic protein domains and to simulate protein functions.

Peptide libraries are powerful tools for:

  • T-Cell stimulation assays
  • Drug Discovery: Identification of drug candidates
  • Biological screenings
  • Structural studies
  • Vaccine development
  • Determination of structure-function relationships within proteins
  • Protein-protein interaction analyses
  • Epitope mapping of antibodies
  • T-Cell-Epitope discovery
  • Analysis and optimization of lead structures

Defined substances instead of combinatorial mixtures

In contrast to conventional combinatorial chemistry, our PEP-LIPS®products represent libraries of clearly defined chemical entities. Solid phase synthesis is carried out in 96 well microwell plates - a single compound per well. Cumbersome separation of substance mixes becomes obsolete. peptides&elephants offers a number of different peptide library products - designed to suit our customers' requirements.
PEP-LIPS® - a range of products providing solutions for every demand.

ProductModificationsQuality Control of all peptidesPrice per peptide*
PEP-Standard-LIPS®--MS32.50 €
PEP-Biotin-LIPS®N-terminal biotinMS42.50 €
PEP-Acid-LIPS®C-terminal acidMS37.50 €
PEP-Phospho-LIPS®phosphorylated Ser, Thr (phosphorylated Tyr on request)HPLC-MS87.50 €
PEP-Red-LIPS®N-terminal fluorescent labelMSplease inquire

* prices for a length up to 15 amino acids. Peptides with up to 20 amino acid will be charged with 2,80 € per additional amino acid. Peptides with up to 30 amino will be charged with 3,80 € per additional amino acid. Minimum purchase: 20 peptides. The synthesis scale is 2 µmol. For a 15mer peptide, this corresponds to an amount of approximately 2-3 mg product. The delivery time is 2-3 weeks.  

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We serve Peptides - for your perfect satisfaction with quality, price and support.
Our major PEP-LIPS products are high parallel customized peptide libraries and peptide pools.