Birthday competition

Peptides&elephants is 22 years old!
These early months 22 years ago were hugely exciting! There were only two of us and we synthezised peptides in microtiter plates by hand – but we had a vision and took the first step to make it a reality: we designed and built a special pipette for our first peptide synthesis roboter.

When we completed our first peptide synthesis roboter in 2002, this is what the first prototype looked like: 

And that was just the beginning of our success story in robot development and peptide synthesis.

Our newest proprietary ultra sound peptide synthesis platform (USPS®) enables us to produce hundreds of peptides overnight!

Win with peptides&elephants!

You can win an elephant from Ocean Sole Ltd., if you find the right answers to our question below. Ocean Sole Ltd. is a non-profit organization that turns pollution into flip flop art work and positively impacts low-income communities.
You can find the conditions of participation here.

Do you recognize what the following pictures from our early days show?




To participate in the competition, fill out the form and provide a tip about what can be seen in each photo:

Birthday competition
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