P&E’s participation and sponsorship of AAI conference - IMMUNOLOGY 2023™ workshop on petide pools in Washington DC in May 2023

P&E’s participation and sponsorship of last month’s AAI conference 2023, gave us an opportunity to meet our clients in person at our booth.

We also formed new business relationships with researchers working in the field of Immunology on diverse applications such as:
Antibody Characterization, Auto Immunity, Vaccine Development ,CAR-T cells, Cell Signaling, Treg Cells, SARS-Cov-2, Epitope Mapping, T- Cell Expansion and Protein-Protein interactions, to name just a few. Many researchers are using peptides for multiple screening applications due to the ease of use and their specific binding to MHC class I and MHC class II molecules.

Our Booth with Dr. Oliver Kreuzer and the Steiff Elephants.

Our Sponsorship Support for the AAI 2023 conference with Dr. Oliver Kreuzer

 Our Client:  Dr. Thierry Iraguha, University of Maryland stopped by our booth.

In addition to our lively scientific discussions with the attendees, we had a variety of activities
at our booth
such as a drawing for (3)

Steiff Elephants, a coveted well known German Brand of stuffed toys, dating back to 1879 when the brand was first conceived.

We had three lucky winners who were thrilled to be the recipients of these Steiff Elephants.

Our winners of the Steiff Elephant
with Dr. Oliver Kreuzer (left)

Draw Left to right:

  • Dr. Kumarkishna Raychudhuri (NCI/NIH),
  • Dr. Insa Zahoor (Henry Ford Health)
  • Ella Zhang (iXcells Biotechnologies)

 Our winners of the Steiff Elephant

We had an assortment of “give aways”, our most popular was our colorful marsh mellow gummy elephants,
also a product of Germany.

We hosted a workshop entitled “Peptide Pools: Design, Manufacturing and Applications” presented by our CEO, Dr. Oliver Kreuzer.
Highlights of the talk included a short video and description of our unique propriety “in house” design
USPS™ (Ultra Sonic Peptide Synthesis Platform) allowing us to make hundreds of peptides in parallel over-night.
Our technology, due to the usage of the Ultra Sound, increases the speed of the chemistry which gives rise to the purity and high quality of the peptides.

We adhere to strict quality control protocols in our manufacturing of the peptides that we produce.
Our customers rely on our products to make scientific break-throughs in the areas of drug discovery, vaccine development and cancer research.

We look forward to exhibiting at next year’s AAI conference in 2024 taking place in Chicago and looking forward to meeting everyone again!

USPS™ (Ultra Sonic Peptide Synthesis Platform) allowing us to make hundreds of peptides in parallel over-night

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