HCMV pp65 113-121 (HLA-A*24:02)

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Antigen Peptide HCMV pp65 (113-121) HLA-A*24:02 (VYALPLKML) for stimulation of antigen-specific... more
Product information "HCMV pp65 113-121 (HLA-A*24:02)"

Antigen Peptide HCMV pp65 (113-121) HLA-A*24:02 (VYALPLKML) for stimulation of antigen-specific T cells in T cell assays such as ELISPOT, ICS, cytotoxity or proliferation assays. VYALPLKML is a linear peptidic epitope (epitope ID 71976) studied as part of 65 kDa phosphoprotein from Human herpesvirus 5 (Human cytomegalovirus). This epitope has been studied for immune reactivity, tested in T cell assays and MHC ligand assays.

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Delivery: 2-3 days
Amount:1 mg
Counter Ion:TFA
Protein:Tegument protein pp65
Application :T-cell assays, Immune monitoring, Antigen specific T-cell stimulation, T-cell expansion, Cellular immune response
Indication :Infection, Control, Cancer, TORCH, Infectious mononucleosis, CMV hepatitis, Retinitis, Colitis, Pneumonitis, Esophagitis, AIDS, Cancer chemotherapy, Transplantation
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    HCMV pp65 113-121 (HLA-A*24:02)